That Stupid Appraiser Came In Low and Killed My Deal!

I'm not going to lie. When I hear that phrase, I have to stop, take a deep breath, and count to ten. It's like nails on a chalkboard to anyone with true understanding and knowledge of how these things really work. It is one of the most ignorant, overused, uninformed phrases that has become a rampant staple of rants on real estate social media, Realtor websites, YouTube videos by disgruntled parties, and many headlines. I have just completed some market research that I thought

Appraisers 'coming in low' and 'killing the deal.'

The phrases 'the appraiser came in low' and 'the appraiser killed the deal' are becoming far too well known. In the current age of rampant misinformation, it is time to give a little information refresher on why these are false statements. Appraisers are specialists in valuation. It's what we do every day. We don't 'come in high' or 'come in low' or 'kill deals.' Appraisers professionally analyze and report what the market indicates, to protect you from possibly overpaying fo

The Truth About Appraisal Fees and Turntimes

Do you like paying hundreds of dollars in hidden fees when you buy, sell or refinance your home? Unfortunately, you probably already have. Or maybe you have had a loan take longer than planned because you were told, 'we are still waiting on the appraiser.' If so, there are a few things that may interest you. That fee that you paid the appraiser? The one you are angry about the fee being so high? Chances are you've been lied to or intentionally mislead in the fee. Often it's

That's Not How This Works. That's Not How Any of This Works

What would you say if someone hired you to do a job for them, then made YOU PAY THEM before they will accept your completed work? If you don't pay them, they won't accept the finished product that they had hired you for and you will not get paid. And on top of that, you are already being paid the same wages/fee you made back on 2002? Sounds fair, right? I'm confident that you may be half way to whiplash from shaking your head 'no' so vigorously. It shodul nto be how this work