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That's Not How This Works. That's Not How Any of This Works

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

What would you say if someone hired you to do a job for them, then made YOU PAY THEM before they will accept your completed work? If you don't pay them, they won't accept the finished product that they had hired you for and you will not get paid. And on top of that, you are already being paid the same wages/fee you made back in 2002? Sounds fair, right?

I'm confident that you may be halfway to whiplash from shaking your head 'no' so vigorously. It should not be how this works, but sadly, it is. The above scenario is a fact that most real estate appraisers are now forced to face on a daily basis. We are here to protect you but the appraiser is being micro-managed to the wayside and your home is put out to an auction-style format, where the cheapest bidder gets the appraisal of your home. If you are lucky, you will get a real, actual appraiser. If not, many of the new 'cut corners' models in the lending industry will send an uncertified person to pretend to be your appraiser, to come to enter your home and do an 'inspection.' Worse yet, you may be offered a 'waiver' or an 'automated valuation' in place of a real appraisal. Crap-shoot style. Bad data in, bad results out. Anything could happen. Place your bets and take a deep breath. Or better yet, demand a real appraisal by a licensed or certified real estate appraiser/

As I always preach, the appraiser is your only true line of defense. Your only protector in transactions involving your biggest investment. Your unbiased superhero of real estate valuation. Though the industry is trying to push appraisers out for replacement by cheap, faulty automated replacements, we're still here trying to make sure that you receive an accurate valuation of your home, the home you may be in process of purchasing, or your real estate investment.

As with anything, if you want it done right, hire a trained professional. Need to know the value of your home? Your real estate taxes seem too high and you need a tax appeal? Time to tap into your home equity? When you need to know, call a pro. Call a real estate appraiser.

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