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The Danger of Saying Yes to An Appraisal Waiver

"For only $599, we will grant you an appraisal waiver to help you avoid having an appraisal that 'comes in short." ** I just saw yet another ad promoting this option. Sounds great, doesn't it? At first read, it sounds pretty promising. But, what does it really mean for you, as a home buyer? The long and short of it is a bit of a gamble, in my opinion. An appraisal waiver removes your choice and right to have a proper appraisal completed by a professional appraiser, to protec

The Appraiser Is Not Your Enemy

Let the appraiser help save the financial future of your family. The appraiser is not your enemy. We are here to protect you. There is NO SUCH THING AS A LOW APPRAISAL. Please repeat that sentence, over and over. Our appraisal's purpose is to keep you from being ripped off or robbed, financially. We are your only line of protection from being grossly 'overcharged.' We are the only party in the transaction that has zero bias so our results are an accurate analysis of the home.

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